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Visit to the Noises

April 2019

On Friday Scott Simpson MP and I visited the Noises in the Hauraki Gulf. The Noises were the first Islands in the world to have predators eradicated. 

Being the sea bird capital of the world, the Hauraki Gulf is home to many different species of which many nest on the Noises. On the island of Maria there are 8 petrel burrows per m2, at 30,000 m2 that’s a lot of sea birds! The islands are home to the white faced storm petrel, which is the most common diving petrels, the grey faced petrel and the fluttering shearwater.

A world first experiment to attract the spotted shag from nearby islands is underway with fake shags perched on top of rocks and bird calls from an audio system float out over the water. These group of islands are a treasure trove of information about the history of the Gulf and are incredibly important for the conservation of our native species.

Thanks to the Neureuter family for hosting us. We will be back!!


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