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Local stormwater ponds

June 2019

Out on World Environment Day in my sensible shoes visiting some of the many stormwater ponds in the East Coast Bays.

There has been a number of complaints about dead eels and ducks in our waterways. Today I met with Frank from Auckland Council who is one of New Zealand's leading stormwater experts.

Regarding the latest round of duck deaths, the culprit was found not to be the state of the water, but botulism. Although deaths from botulism are seasonal, the weather can affect exactly when it can happen.

The location of the deaths is random but Council officers have been using barley bails submerged in the water with some success to stop the ducks contracting the disease. Ducks only live 5-7 years so there will be a number of dead birds in our environment. The Council will come and collect the dead birds if residents call in to report them.


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