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Robbery laws would be strengthened under new bill

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 25 March 2021 -

Robbery laws would be strengthened under new bill

A National Party Bill drawn from the Ballot today would see Police given stronger powers to charge someone with robbery, MP for East Coast Bays Erica Stanford says.

“At the moment the law states that if someone commits robbery, there has to be the threat of violence or an assault along with an intent to permanently deprive the victim of their possession.

“So if someone carjacks you and takes the vehicle for a joyride and then dumps it, it’s difficult for Police to successfully prosecute the offender because they may not have permanently taken the car. Police have expressed frustration about this loophole.

“At the moment you can push someone up against a wall and take their wallet with $20 and be charged with robbery which carries a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. However, if you drag somebody from their $30,000 car you might not be.

“National believes this is unfair and Police should have the ability to successfully charge people who carjack someone with robbery.

“National is the party of the law and order and we are committed to making our communities safer and putting victims first.”

Authorised by G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St, Wellington.


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