National calls for ‘Covid Contribution Visa’

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 4 August 2021 -

National calls for ‘Covid Contribution Visa’

National will clear the current residency backlog and provide a clear pathway for skilled migrants already in the country to gain residency.

Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says we are losing the skilled migrants we desperately need who moved to New Zealand before the lockdown with the promise there would be a pathway to residency for them and their families.

“In the last four years this Government, through poor planning and poor policy, have completely broken our immigration system so that we now have the longest queues for residence in our history and record wait times for getting residence visas processed

“This has destroyed our international reputation as a destination for skilled migrants to move to and is causing the migrants we do have onshore to look to take their skills elsewhere.

“We can’t afford to lose any more doctors, engineers, teachers and IT workers because they have no certainty around when they can become a resident.