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Math achievement in Kiwi schools going backwards

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 19 July 2023 -

Math achievement in Kiwi schools going backwards

New data shows Kiwi students are doing worse in maths than they were four years ago, National Education spokesperson Erica Stanford says.

“Achievement data released this week shows that just 42 per cent of Year 8 students are meeting curriculum expectations in maths, with a significant drop in achievement for girls, Pacific and Māori students.

"It also shows that our most vulnerable students in low decile schools are an appalling two and half years behind in their learning compared to their peers in high decile schools.

“This is an utter failure from a Labour Government that is spending over $5 billion more on education and still presiding over worsening achievement.

“Learners from lower socioeconomic backgrounds depend on a good education to afford them every opportunity to change their circumstances and lead the lives they want.

“Sadly, Labour’s misguided approach to education has only made things worse for these students.

“Not only is achievement going in the wrong direction, but school attendance has fallen to an unprecedented low.

“What Labour is doing is not working. Currently, their only strategy appears to be dumbing down the curriculum and making tests easier.

"Without a vision for the future, Labour is robbing hundreds of thousands of Kiwi kids of the world-class education they deserve.

“A National government will tackle our falling standards with our plan to Teach the Basics Brilliantly so every student has the same opportunity to live the life they want.”

A National government will:

  • Ensure that primary and intermediate students spend an hour on average on reading, writing, and maths every day.

  • Set minimum requirements for what schools must teach every year in reading, writing, maths and science.

  • Implement regular standardised assessment with clear reporting to parents.

  • Deliver better training and more tools to support teachers.

Click here to see latest NMSSA data.

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