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Labour must delay NCEA change programme

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 16 June 2023 -

Labour must delay NCEA change programme

The Education Minister must delay changes to NCEA Level 1 that are due to be implemented next year, National’s Education spokesperson Erica Stanford says.

“Students have become the collateral damage in Labour’s changes to NCEA, which have been an utter shambles from the get-go.

“The Labour Government’s decision to push ahead with Level 1, but delay Levels 2 and 3 was politically driven by an under-fire Education Minister trying to save face as schools across New Zealand reject the changes.

“This staggered introduction means Kiwi students will have to sit both new and old standards, creating a misalignment that will negatively impact their learning.

“New Zealand’s largest high school, Rangitoto College, has already said it will do away with Level 1 altogether and introduce its own diploma to ensure a logical and coherent learning programme for students.

“Despite high-profile schools pulling out of the refreshed NCEA, Education Minister Jan Tinetti revealed this week that she hasn’t even bothered to ask for advice on delaying the changes.

“The sector is sending a resounding message to the Government that they have no confidence in these changes that will only make things worse.

“This is embarrassing for Labour, and it couldn’t be clearer that the only option is to pause the shambolic roll-out of the NCEA Change Programme and listen to schools and principals.

“Unlike Labour, National is aspirational for children. National won’t force schools into a change programme they are unprepared for, which could jeopardize learning.

“New Zealand students deserve a world-class education that sets them up for success, and parents have a clear choice this election. A Labour Government that has spent $5 billion more on education while children are going backwards, or a National government that will ensure every child has the skills they need in reading, writing and maths through our Teaching the Basics Brilliantly policy.”


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