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Labour is out of ideas on education

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 17 April 2023 -

Labour is out of ideas on education

Labour has no answer to New Zealand’s declining education achievement and a handful more teachers and another working group won’t make a difference, National’s Education spokesperson Erica Stanford says.

“Today’s education announcement shows that Labour is out of ideas on how to fix the rapidly declining numeracy and literacy rates for New Zealand children.

“Around half of Kiwi students are already behind by the time they reach Year 8 and half of all students cannot pass a basic literacy test by the time they turn 15.

“Many parents will fail to see how Labour’s promise to reduce some classes by one student in two years' time will make any difference to turn around our plummeting levels of achievement.

“Chris Hipkins promised to reduce class sizes during the 2014 election. It beggars belief that it has taken them six years to act on an old policy which fails to address the issues facing our students now.

“Labour employed 352 fewer teachers in 2022 due to declining roll numbers, then only a few months later announced a policy to increase teacher numbers by 320 in two years' time – the absurdity is unbelievable.

“While Labour brush the dust off old policies that fail to make substantive change, National has a plan to teach the basics brilliantly to lift our declining education results.

“National will be laser-focused on lifting student performance, and that starts with a stronger emphasis on maths, reading and writing. We will focus on the frontline and ensuring teachers have the support and resources they need.

“We need a serious plan to deliver for our children and National will deliver. The time for talking and working groups is over, it is time for action.”


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