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77% of decile 1 students not regularly at school

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 11 November 2022 -

77% of decile 1 students not regularly at school

With student attendance plummeting across New Zealand in Term 2, data shows the numbers are worst for those in decile 1 schools, National’s Education’s spokesperson Erica Stanford says.

“Over three-quarters of students in decile 1 schools did not regularly attend in Term 2, well below the national average for all schools.

“This shows that the education system is failing our most disadvantaged students.

“This comes just weeks after the revelation that only 2 per cent of students in decile 1 schools could pass a basic writing exam – something that will become a prerequisite for passing NCEA beginning in 2024.

“Research shows that every day of school missed has a negative impact on learning, and kids that do not attend school regularly are five times more likely to fall behind in reading, writing and math.

“A world-class education system should be judged by how well it lifts children from underprivileged backgrounds and provides them with the opportunity to succeed and shape their own lives. Regular attendance is essential to ensuring this is happening.

“The Government’s attempts to excuse these appalling attendance rates by blaming sickness simply don’t add up. Countries we compare ourselves with have also dealt with Covid and flu but have much higher rates of student attendance.

“National would relentlessly target attendance by setting clear expectations for schools and parents that kids not going to school is no longer an option. We will hold ourselves, schools and parents accountable for ensuring that kids are regularly in school.

“We will shift resources from back office bureaucrats in Wellington to the frontline, so schools have the support they need to give every child the opportunity to benefit from a world-class education.

“The Labour Government is failing a generation of children.”


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