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$10 million wasted on temporary back room staff

PRESS RELEASE | Erica Stanford MP | 07 July 2023 -

$10 million wasted on temporary back room staff

An eye-watering $10 million bill for temporary back office staff at the Ministry of Education is unacceptable and demonstrates Labour's tolerance of wasteful spending, National’s Education spokesperson Erica Stanford says.

“In 2022 the Ministry of Education spent more than $10 million dollars on contractors to fill temporary positions despite the Ministry employing an extra 1,500 staff since 2017.

“This is a shameful use of taxpayer money that speaks to a culture of waste that has developed under Labour.

"What's worse is almost all of this spending was on backroom roles that have nothing to do with the Ministry's core role of supporting schools to provide a world-class education to Kiwi kids.

“More than $2.8 million was spent on admin staff, $1.7 million on advisors and more than $820,000 on personal and executive assistants.

“The use of contractors to fill roles should only ever be a last resort to cover essential positions and this excessive use of contractors is clearly unacceptable while Kiwi households are having to tighten their own budgets.

“Schools are crying out for more resources to give students the education they deserve, but despite more than $5 billion of extra spending in the last six years, the money just isn't making it to teachers and students on the front line.

“A National government would ensure every taxpayer dollar spent improves outcomes for New Zealanders and every young person receives a world-class education that gives them opportunities to lead a successful life.”


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