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It has been brought to my attention by some of your neighbours that there are serious issues with Dalmeny Close and the associated intersection with the East Coast Road slipway:


  • Narrow street with a ‘blind hill’

  • Very narrow, crumbling footpaths

  • Dangerous and confusing intersection with lack of appropriate signage


In 2016, Auckland Transport proposed pedestrian and traffic improvements. They sent a letter to residents stating: “Our site investigations identified that the current intersection layout is not efficient or safe for the movement of both pedestrians and vehicles.”  Due to budget cuts at the time, this project was taken off the priority list.


I recently communicated with Auckland Transport requesting these improvements be returned to the priority list. As there have been no accidents reported in the last five year, they are unlikely to perform any road safety improvements in the future.


I am asking for your help - fill out the form below

Can you take a moment to share your experiences with me and what, if anything, you believe needs to happen with your street and intersection?


If there is a resounding response that there is an issue, I will collate the feedback and present it to Auckland Transport with the hope they will action our request.

Share your experiences


Thank you

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